About Taras Kaduk

My name is Taras Kaduk (Ukrainian🇺🇦: Тарас Кадук), and this is my website. I write about geospatial data analytics (as well as data science in general), mostly in the context of R language. On this site, you can find my posts and projects, as well as the list of recently given talks.

I have a full-time job (I will most likely forget to update this page if and when I change positions, but my LinkedIn page is always up to date), but this blog is my personal endeavor, worked on and updated in my spare time.

I am very passionate about data science in general, and the use of R language within the data science context. I love thinking about geographic and geospatial problems, from borders, to urban planning, to transportation.

I’m pretty active on Twitter under the username taraskaduk. I live in Jacksonville, FL.