Create World Pixel Maps in R

*Cross-posted: Medium* Today, I’m going to show you how to make pixel maps in R. Why pixel maps? Because they look awesome! I was searching on the web for a while, but couldn’t find a good tutorial. Being stubborn as I am, I eventually figured out a way to get what I want. You know, if you torture your code enough, it might give you what you need. Setup First, of course, loading required packages.
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Do MPAA movie ratings mean anything?

*Cross-posted: Medium * Intro Being a parent in modern days is lots of fun. Not only all of us are pretty much winging it, not having any idea what we’re doing (seriously, you need a license to do braids and nails, yet raising a human being a future member of society is a no-brainer, right?) — we are also constantly being watched and judged by other parents. When it comes to watching movies with our six-year-old son, we don’t have a strict set of rules.
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