Where are the places with the best (and the worst) weather in the United States

Preface TL;DR This analysis has been poisoning my life for over a year. Here are some nice charts. Now I can move on. I’ve been working on this project for way too long. I think I wrote the first line of code on it in November 2017. Well, it is February 2019 now, so… Yeah. Over the course of the year, this hydra has grown many heads. It started simple, but escalated quickly.
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Create World Pixel Maps in R

*Cross-posted: Medium* Today, I’m going to show you how to make pixel maps in R. Why pixel maps? Because they look awesome! I was searching on the web for a while, but couldn’t find a good tutorial. Being stubborn as I am, I eventually figured out a way to get what I want. You know, if you torture your code enough, it might give you what you need. Setup First, of course, loading required packages.
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