Power Query: Excel's gateway to reproducible analysis

Intro In this blog post, I’ll try to highlight some of Excel’s functionality which have been around for a while, but remains largely unknown to the broad public.

Imposterism in Data Science: Addressing the credentials problem

We happen to talk a lot about the impostor syndrome these days. No wonder — it seems to be an important subject. But what is it?

The 4 Stages of Data Analytics Maturity: Challenging the Gartner’s Model

Cross-posted: LinkedIn If you happen to work in analytics, data science or business intelligence, you’ve probably seen one of the iterations of this Gartner’s graph on stages of data analysis in a company:

On Importance of Minimalism in Retrospective Analytics

Hey, analyst, how is life? Talk to me. Do you love what you do for life, do you like all things data? Yet, do you sometimes feel like you’re a Sisyphus rolling a giant rock of data up the hill every day, only to see it go down with a racket in the evening (and you know what you’re going to do tomorrow)?

When your data analysis is validated on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert

About a month ago, I wrote a little article about the MPAA rating system. I set up to find out if their lettering system does any justice to the actual content seen on the screen.

Create World Pixel Maps in R

Today, I’m going to show you how to make pixel maps in R. Why pixel maps? Because they look awesome! I was searching on the web for a while, but couldn’t find a good tutorial.