Print Beautiful City Street Maps with R

Intro This is a code that I used to print a map of Kyiv, Ukraine at home. Here is the final product: One important caveat here is that I want to come out upfront and say that I know nothing about what I’m doing.

Analyze and visualize your iPhone's Health app data in R

Intro I am convinced that many data scientists and data analysts acquire a peculiar reflex. Any time they suspect (consciuosly or subconsiously) that somewhere data is being collected, they develop an irresistable itch to analyze that data, oftentimes not even knowing where the data is!

Power Query: Excel's gateway to reproducible analysis

Intro In this blog post, I’ll try to highlight some of Excel’s functionality which have been around for a while, but remains largely unknown to the broad public.

Create World Pixel Maps in R

Today, I’m going to show you how to make pixel maps in R. Why pixel maps? Because they look awesome! I was searching on the web for a while, but couldn’t find a good tutorial.