Area Under Curve of Daily Temperature Oscillation as a Temperature Unpleasantness Index

Intro Ever since my analysis on most pleasant places to live, I’ve been aware of some shortcomings of such analysis (and painfully reminded via a not so pleasant crowd over at Reddit here and here).

Is Rock Dying?

“I’m a huge metal fan”. Author unknown I’ve been a huge rock and metal fan my whole life. Most of the music that I listen to are some derivatives of rock, but mostly of a subcultural kind.

Analyzing 11 years of my personal music listening history

I recently got around to look at some data I’ve been collecting for a long-long time. The data comes from the service called, which tracks your music listening history and offers a host of recommendations based on such habits and your friends’ activity.

Where are the places with the best (and the worst) weather in the United States

Preface TL;DR This analysis has been poisoning my life for over a year. Here are some nice charts. Now I can move on. I’ve been working on this project for way too long.

When your data analysis is validated on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert

About a month ago, I wrote a little article about the MPAA rating system. I set up to find out if their lettering system does any justice to the actual content seen on the screen.

Do MPAA movie ratings mean anything?

Being a parent in modern days is lots of fun. Not only all of us are pretty much winging it, not having any idea what we’re doing (seriously, you need a license to do braids and nails, yet raising a human being a future member of society is a no-brainer, right?