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(Updated: 2019-01-15)

Not sure how you ended up on this page, but nevertheless here it is. This page is supposed to tell you a bit about me.

I consider myself to be a data analyst who sometimes ventures out into data science without supervision. I am currently working as a Senior Digital Data Analyst for a large U.S. bank. I also consult on the side, but currently I am not taking any new customers.

My toolbox includes T-SQL, R, Tableau, and Power BI.


As of right now, I am only on my way of getting my first undergrad degree. I pursued a degree in Computer Science out of high school, but had to pause my educational pursuits in 2008 and drop out. I recently got back on track. In 2018, I was able to transfer my credits from Ukraine, and after 3 semesters at a local state college, I got my AA. I am currently admitted at University of North Florida, pursuing a B.S. in Statistics.


I currently live in Jacksonville, Florida, with my wife and my son. I am originally from Ukraine, and I moved to the Unites States in 2012. Starting with Jacksonville, I moved to the Greater Seattle Area in 2014, but returned back to Jax in 2016.

There are plenty of things I enjoy in life. I like hiking and camping, and trying to get more into backpacking, and my ultimate goal in this domain is to thru-hike the PCT. Exercising is my fix of good feelings: most physical activities will do. I enjoy walking and cycling and try to get around on foot as much as I can (which isn’t easy to do in Jacksonville, FL, but I work well with what I’ve got). I used to play guitar leisurely and I played bass in two hardcore bands, but haven’t picked up an instrument since I moved to the States. I frequently consider it, but the complexity of life and the scarcity of resources prevent me from starting over.